About Me

About Barbara Casey Fitness

I created Barbara Casey Fitness to help moms over 30 cultivate a life they feel confident about by providing a space of healthy-ish eating, good habits, and balanced life. I wanted to create a space for encouraging healthy relationships, healthy eating habits and feeling worthy. When I first started my health and fitness journey, I was simply focused on the scale, then I hit that number, and guess what? I still didn’t feel happy or confident. I realized it is about finding confidence and feeling worthy before we even begin the process sometimes.


I never imagined I would own a blog but here I am. I decided to share my heart because I felt like I could never find that person or that community that felt like my tribe. I wanted to lose weight, be healthy, have energy, BUT I also wanted to have balance and not stress about food and the scale. I realized there were other moms who wanted the same thing, they wanted energy to keep up with the kids, to lose weight, and feel good while working a job outside of the home and being present in life. Barbara Casey Wellness is a work of heart where I hope to encourage other moms to live their best life. For more everyday stuff, make sure to follow my Instagram at Barbara Casey Fitness and stay tuned for my FREE Wellness Studio!

Let me know how I can serve you better <3

Barbara Casey